Vagrant Dandy Sounds.

Vagrant Dandy Sounds.
  1. PINOPSY0:00Download

  2. GROLPHER DROPPED IT0:00Download

  3. SKANK CHARMER0:00Download

  4. CRY SONG0:00Download

  5. BOSS MODE0:00Download

  6. CIRCUDELIC0:00Download

  7. BEAUTISSIMO0:00Download

  8. COPPER FEELSKI0:00Download

  9. KROCODIL0:00Download


  11. BINGO0:00Download

  12. BM0:00Download

  13. BENGASHI0:00Download

  14. SWANGLE OF ME DANG GOLD0:00Download

  15. BACK BEAT0:00Download

  16. BINHBOOWHOO0:00Download

  17. BANGERS N MASH FIN0:00Download

  18. Mix Tape No Break Boss Mode0:00Download

  19. SUGAR PLUM0:00Download

Vagrant Dandy music is a collaborative process with Vagrant Waltzer. Collaboration occurs on many different levels, everything from just listening to a new track to sound crafting, mastering and remixing. Vagrant Dandy music is an expressive endeavor, exploring various unique methodologies to craft sounds. Some tracks are abrasive short and chaotic while others are more melodious with structure but all of them serve the same purpose, artistic expression.